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UVa Women's Basketball Beats St2015-May-4

UVa Women's Basketball Beats St


The UVa women's basketball team got a game high 20 points from Faith Randolph on her 20th birthday helping Virginia beat St. Mary's 62 49. Virginia improves to 8 2 overall and 6 0 at home.Randolph also had five rebounds, four assists and three steals to go with her 20 points. Freshman guard Mikayla Venson scored 14 points and had four assists. UVa associate head coach Kim McNeill coached the Black Suede Rock And 120mm 'Hoos for the second Gold Leather Rock And 100mm straight game while head coach Joanne Boyle is in Africa finalizing the adoption of her 2 year old daughter Ngoty.The game was tied at 26 at halftime, but Virginia scored the first 13 points of the second half and never trailed the rest of the way.Randolph says, "I felt like we had good shots, we just Brown Leather Rock And 100mm needed to take them with confidence and I think we did that much better in the second half, moving the ball and getting each other open.""This was a good test for us tonight," said associate head coach Kim McNeill. "I don't think we have seen that much of a sagging defense all year long. I thought our young ladies did a good job down the stretch of adjusting to it. Early in the game, we weren't Blue Suede Dartata 100mm hitting a lot of shots, but they didn't hang their heads. They went back down and continued to get stops on defense. I thought we grew in several areas tonight, especially with ball screen defense and communicating on the screens, hard hedging and really talking. I give a lot of credit to Saint Mary's. They are a great team with a great coach."Kim McNeill will coach Virginia again Sunday in its home game against Howard. UVa head coach Joanne Boyle is still in Africa. The adoption process in Africa is going well but taking slightly longer than expected.

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USA tournament play Thursday2015-May-4

USA tournament play Thursday


Thursday quarterfinal at Memorial Gym against either Charlotte, North Texas or Louisiana Tech.


The important words in the above sentence, obviously, are the first two.


"It's a blessing," said Thornton, who was cleared to return from a concussion that kept her out the previous three games. "Being out really made me see how it can be taken away at any time. You can't take anything for granted.


UTEP is undoubtedly glad to have back their leading scorer and rebounder, who needs just 29 points to become UTEP's all time career points leader. Thornton is also the program's all time rebound leader.


She Nike NFL Jerseys China was injured when her head bounced off the floor late in the victory against East Carolina following a shove from Jada Payne, who was assessed a technical foul on the play. and she wanted her team to have a chance at more rest. The tradeoff Cheap NFL Jerseys CHINA is that the UTEP potentially will tip off an hour before nfl jerseys cheap the Miner men play their quarterfinal instead of an hour and a half after."We've experience that before (in 2008), travelling to UCF, playing in a late Wholesale NFL Jerseys China game then turning around and having to play the early game," Adams said. gives you more rest for the next day.


"You've got to make decisions that are best for the team."


The tournament will open with four Tuesday games, starting with No. Four more teams enter the tournament on Wednesday, including No. 6 Charlotte, which will play the winner of Tuesday's Louisiana Tech North Texas game.


The winner of that will play UTEP.


"North Texas beat us, Charlotte beat us, Louisiana Tech has really good guards and played us tough," Adams said. Saturday.

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Village Voice January 292015-May-4

Village Voice January 29


has a great bit about people who moan and groan about the inconveniences of air travel. But human flight is a miracle of science, and every once in a while, because of engineering issues or even just a stray Canada goose, the promise of science can stumble. At that point, something more natural and human takes over the response of the pilot and crew means everything. That's one of the ideas at the heart of Charlie Victor Romeo, a taut, effective little picture whose dialogue consists wholly of transcriptions of actual cockpit recordings, most of them from flights that ultimately crashed. (The movie takes its title from the code used for "cockpit voice recorder.") The film is an adaptation replica michael kors handbags of a play first staged in New York in 1999, and it was shot in 3D on bare bones sets with a small group of actors.


What can go wrong on any routine flight? You probably don't want to know, but Charlie Victor Romeo will give you some idea. The picture, co directed by Robert Berger, Patrick Daniels, and Karlyn Michelson, dramatizes the final minutes leading up to six aircraft disasters, minutes in which flight crews scramble to gain control of their planes, attempt to navigate using old school methods after all of their electronic instruments have failed, and even, in one case, get up to pee. A rotating cast of actors plays the various crew members, mostly pilots and copilots, with the occasional flight attendant popping in.


Interstitial slides provide, in stark white letters on a black background, the grim fatality statistics (in most of the instances dramatized, all passengers and crew were killed) and the ultimate explanation for each disaster. For example, "Static ports left taped over by maintenance crew" you may not know, technically, what that means, and yet you know what it means. Another case is tragically straightforward: "Multiple bird strikes." One goose flying into an engine is bad; more than one can spell disaster, a mark of just how vulnerable we are when we're cheap oakleys lucky enough to be up in the air. There's a huge risk here for exploitation, even the unintentional kind: These are the words of real people who are about to die. By the end, you might be grateful for the presence of other souls aboard.


The Wait


Written and directed by M. Blash's The Wait achieves the rare distinction of being warm and unsettling at the same time, framing grief drama, a grown love story, and the possibility of realitybending magic in a prickly narrative given to reveries and freak outs. cheap oakleys sunglasses It's the kind of movie where mopey characters slump in the middle of exquisitely composed shots, staring hard at something grand or confounding just beyond the camera. Sometimes Blash shows us what they're regarding: firefighters' airplanes dumping retardant over an Oregon forest, a fetching young woman adjusting her bathing suit by a country club pool. Other times, it's left to us to construct meaning and even, on occasion, incident. The Wait does have a story. As her mother dies in quick, well acted scenes, Emma (Chlo Sevigny) takes a phone call from a strange woman who seems to know what's happening and who promises, vaguely, that "they will return." Emma takes this to be a sign that she and sister Angela (Jena Malone) should let the death go unreported for a few days. She prefers to leave the body in the bedroom, just in case. Angela, of course, considers this mad, and the sisters' first blowouts on the subject boast prove bruising. One sister is clinging to an impossible hope; the other is embarrassed for them both. There are lots of other things happening, too, most of them incidentally interesting, some mysteriously affecting. But too many of these moments of beauty and strangeness feel like musical notes that, while well played, never collect into anything like a chord cheap oakleys sunglasses although they do accumulate into a mood of chilly, gently surreal isolation. ALAN SCHERSTUHL


Carolee Schneemann's naked truths


Early in the documentary Breaking the Frame, Carolee Schneemann (b. 1939) displays for the camera a headless chipmunk; we can infer the culprit through an abrupt edit from the bloody carcass to a cat sunning itself on a windowsill. Director Marielle Nitoslawska's faith in the power of imagery over pedantic exposition rewards the audience with a heady catalogue of Schneemann's luscious paintings, expressionistic collages, hand illustrated journals, visceral photographs, and excerpts from her corporeal films. The chipmunk murder occurs in the upstate New York farmhouse where Schneemann has spent much of her adult life; crammed with artworks and mementos, it is cheap oakleys almost as much a star of the documentary as the artist herself.(She is too forceful a presence to be a mere subject, and the sometimes murky shots of dried up frogs, animal jawbones, feathers, and other preserved fauna that share space with her archives can seem like props from a psychological thriller.)


Schneemann tells Nitoslawska's camera how she saved her babysitting money to visit an art school in Philadelphia, where she "smelled heavenly, intoxicating oil paint," experiencing a "delirium of something wonderful." Nitoslawska achieves her own form of engaging delirium by marrying kaleidoscopically edited archival footage with overlapping conversations and an eclectic musical score by Schneemann's onetime lover, the avantgarde composer James Tenney. Briefly excerpted here,Fuses was a big influence on such major contemporaries as Stan Brakhage; Schneemann has said that she wanted her 18 minute tour de force to "put into that materiality of film the energies of the body, so that the film itself dissolves and recombines and is transparent and dense as one feels during lovemaking." Sumptuous and carnal, Fuses was borderline illegal; Schneemann tells a laughing audience how one of the "kind of gangsters" who developed the negatives said of the cunnilingus scene, "Boy, if I tried that on my wife, she'd kick me out to hell."


Schneemann's relationships were volatile. An abortion she had (illegal at the replica michael kors time) is addressed in the documentary through photos of her and Tenney, a beautiful couple immersed in art, as she narrates: "Simple. Horrible. Profound." In 1975's Interior Scroll, she pulled a ribbon of text from her vagina, including a statement from a male filmmaker: "There are certain films/we cannot look at/the personal clutter/the persistence of feelings/ the hand touch sensibility/the diaristic indulgence/the painterly mess/the dense gestalt/the primitive techniques." His unwitting paean to Schneemann's gifts could also describe her serial enlargements of grainy newspaper photos of people jumping to their deaths from the World Trade towers, splayed figures to which she ascribes "our own vertiginous grief, rage, and sorrow."


At one point in the film, Schneemann sums up her various permutations of paint, anger, joy, and naked flesh: "It's not a provocation. I have this sort of nave streak where I think I'm going to show them something they need to see."


The Lady From Shanghai


Directed by Orson Welles


Sony Pictures Repertory


Opens January 31, Film Forum


The cinema of Orson Welles is defined by compromise by funding lost, control wrested away, fake oakleys footage excised and eradicated. Central to the appeal of the film is the sensation of unease, of anxiety and dread, it so effortlessly conjures. Indeed, it suggests noir's extreme: convolution pushed into abstraction, a plot so sinister it is impossible to comprehend. CALUM MARSH


Oscar Nominated Shorts 2014


Opens January 31, IFC Center


Who says award season winners have to be epic? If you're looking for an alternative to the lengthy features vying for recognition and box office glory, ShortsHD and Magnolia Pictures have on offer the full slate of 2014 Oscar nominated short films. The best of an underwhelming bunch is Cavedigger, Jeffrey Karoff's portrait of New Mexico artist Ra Paulette, who digs and decorates complex sandstone caves using only hand tools, and whose idiosyncratic hobby at least provides a window onto a unique artistic process. Thankfully, all five animated shorts boast an aesthetic certainty that carries them over their bumpier patches. Head and shoulders above the rest, however, is the beautiful Japanese anim Possessions, about discarded household objects coming to life, which argues that even things old and shopworn can be of vital value. The live program also proves strong, especially the sobering realism of Just Before Losing Everything (Avant que de tout perdre), a bracing mini drama from Xavier Legrand that tracks an abused wife's efforts, at her superstore place of employment, to make arrangements to abscond with her two kids before her menacing husband can stop her. NICK SCHAGER

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Victor Luis to Become Coach CEO in 20142015-May-4

Victor Luis to Become Coach CEO in 2014


Coach Inc. unveiled its succession plan for Chairman and Chief Executive Black Suede/Leather Gwendoline 100mm Lew Frankfort by naming Victor Luis president and chief commercial officer and said Mr. Luis will Brown Suede Donue 160mm become CEO in January 2014.


Competition and promotions intensified in women bags and accessories, especially in the Multicolor Suede Diptic 100mm weeks leading up to Christmas. Analysts noted competition from the likes of Michael Kors Holdings Ltd., which has posted surging Blue Suede Donue 160mm sales, Kate Spade and Tory Burch was dogging the company.


Competition and promotions intensified in women bags and accessories, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Analysts noted competition from the likes of Michael Kors Holdings Ltd., which has posted surging sales, Kate Spade and Tory Burch was dogging the company.


Shares closed Wednesday at $48.77 and were inactive premarket. The stock has fallen 36% over the past year.

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Venus Williams dishes on raw vegan diet2015-May-4

Venus Williams dishes on raw vegan diet


Tennis star Venus Williams is fitter and healthier than ever after switching to a raw vegan diet over two years ago. While Venus admits she sometimes cheats on her diet, her overall health has improved dramatically since she went vegan.


"I think it's pretty well known I'm a cheagan [a vegan who occasionally cheats], "Willams told the AP. "I'm not perfect, but I try.


The seven Black Leather Covered 120mm time Grand Slam winner transitioned to a raw vegan diet in 2011 after being diagnosed with Leather Colizip 100mm Sjogren's syndrome, an immune system illness that had caused her to suffer shortness of breath, chronic fatigue and muscle pain.


Venus, who's competing at the 2013 Australian Open this week, says Black Suede Diptic 100mm switching to a plant based diet has relieved many of her worst symptoms.


"Changing my diet has made a big difference," said Williams, Black Leather Covered 120mm 33. "I'm not perfect, so I forgive myself when I make mistakes [with my vegan diet]. I do a lot of juicing as well, a lot of wheat grass shots, lots of fresh juices and things like that."


Williams, who makes sure she gets enough rest, says eating natural and organic foods is key to maintaining optimal health.


"I don't always eat raw, especially before matches," she says. "When you eat raw it is not always enough calories for athletics so I will eat some pasta and bread and rice for energy. I try to eat all natural and organic. That is mostly my focus."Lung cancer now surpasses breast cancer deaths for women in developed nationsThe good news is that lung cancer deaths have been decreasing among men in many "developed" world countries. The bad new is that the disease now kills more women in these same nations than breast.


Florida Renaissance Festival's 2015 costume theme weekendsIt's that time of the year that entrances Miami and South Florida's vibrant and active community of costume enthusiasts and hobbyists. This coming weekend marks the opening of the 2015 Florida.

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